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Edlund FDWW-012 Titan Max-Cut Manual 1/2″ Dicer with Wall Mount Base


  • Produces 1/2″ dices
  • Only dicing blade included; other blade types sold separately
  • Wall mount base with quick disconnect bracket
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Blade cartridge storage compartment


Product Description

With the Edlund FDWW-012 Titan Max-Cut dicer, there’s never a need to own a separate wedger, corer, and fry cutter ever again! Capable of accepting various blade types (sold separately), this manual slicer can adapt to every situation simply by swapping out the included dicing blades and matching pusher insert. The Titan handles tomatoes, lemons, limes, apples, potatoes, pears, and more! This unit comes with a wall mount that is especially handy for high-volume french fry cutting. Save counter space as you cut potato after potato for fresh 1/2″ thick french fries or utilize the versatility of the Titan by wedging and coring apples as grab-and-go snacks for your customers. The durable, stainless steel Titan can be easily removed from the quick disconnect wall mount bracket for cleaning in your dishwasher for maximum convenience.

The Titan FDWW-012 has an extra, built-in blade cartridge storage compartment, so you can keep different size blades close by for a quick switch. Extra blades sold separately. The quick-change pusher and all-stainless steel blade assemblies with protective wash guards feature the largest cutting surface available to make short work of your food prep tasks.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 9″
Depth: 17 11/16″
Height: 28 11/16″


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